Boost Your Wassce Results: Tips and Strategies for Success

By | January 15, 2023

The outcome of your WASSCE results can be a huge determinant of your educational future and even your career choice. So in a case where your results don’t come out as promising as you’d hoped, it is only proper to look for another way forward. 

In this article, we will talk about some measures you can take to adequately prepare yourself for your WASSCE exams.

We will also touch on ways to get back on track in your educational journey even after one or more unsuccessful WASSCE attempts. Keep reading to learn all these helpful tips and more. 

How can I improve upon my WASSCE results? 

The one and only sure way to improve significantly on your WASSCE results is to take the exams again. It will take you another whole year to be able to re-register, however, your hard work and dedication will surely pay off. 

It is advisable that you register with a credible and results-oriented remedial school and also take your personal studies a lot more seriously. 

As long as you eliminate all distractions and study hard, your results will massively improve. 

What can you do if you are not satisfied with your WASSCE results?

If you’re not satisfied with your WASSCE results, one of the two things that you can do is to appeal for re-marking. 

If you make this appeal, your exam papers will be re-marked and whatever results the second marking produces will be used to replace the initial one. 

The second option you have is to request for your papers to be cross checked by the WASSCE officials to ensure that the marks and grades you got are accurate. 

What causes WASSCE failure?

There are many issues and occurrences that cause some WASSCE candidates to fail their exams. This may be due to lack of concentration, inadequate studies, laziness, etc. However, the most dominant cause of failure according to WAEC is the lack of proper time management skills. 

As a student, failure to manage you time properly could be very costly. 

How to pass my WASSCE exams

The surest way to pass your WASSCE (and any other exam) is to firstly invest enough time in your studies. Engage in group studies, extra classes and also try your hands on as many past questions as possible. 

You should also allocate enough time for sleep, a good balance of hard work and good sleep is the formula for success. 


In conclusion, the best way to remedy a bad WASSCE result is to take the exam again. Take the gap year to learn better time management skills, learn harder and prepare yourself to pass your next attempt with flying colors. 

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