BECE Exam Past Questions Importance and How to use them

By | January 16, 2023

Past examination questions are some of the things that are most sort after by final year students. For an international certificate examination like the BECE, there are so many past questions online for interested candidates to easily access. 

We will be looking at how to use past questions efficiently and also some of the merits of including past questions in your pre-examination schedule in this article. Keep reading to learn more. 

Are past questions important? 

One of the best ways to prepare for any examination is to try your hands on some of the old examination questions students from past years were presented with. 

Doing this will help you to become conversant with the nature of the exam and the type of answers that are expected of you. 

Most of these past BECE questions have been printed into books bearing both correct answers and the WAEC approved marking schemes for each year. They are great materials for both personal and group studies. 

How do you answer a question in BECE?

In the written or theory aspect of your BECE paper, the best approach to answer the essay questions is to follow these three steps:

Define the key term

When you are asked to provide and explain points. The first thing to do is to write a brief definition of the topic in question. 

For example: If you are asked to name three effects of bush fires, you first give a short explanation for the key term : bush fires. 

List your answer in points and explain 

Next, proceed to list the points that answer the question and provide brief but detailed explanations to justify each point. 

You must also do well to include examples where possible in order to enrich your answer and attract extra points. 

End with a conclusion 

After listing and explaining all the points as requested by the question, write a brief conclusion to sum up all your points before moving on to the next question.

How is BECE question set?

BECE questions are set by the West African Examination Council (WAEC). The BECE certificate is recognized in all West African countries and is a major requirement for entry into Senior High School in any West African country. 


To conclude, it is advisable that all candidates sitting for the BECE examination equip themselves by solving as many past questions as possible prior to the exams.

It will help you touch on a variety of topics faster and also make you familiar with the nature of the exams.

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