Passing the Wassce: What are the Minimum Marks you need to Pass?

By | January 16, 2023

What marks do I need to pass my papers? A is a very common question among students of every level, especially final-year students like WASSCE candidates

For such candidates, it is more than just a question because the results will prove to be a defining point in their lives and future.

In this article, we will bring to light some of the important issues related to passing the WASSCE exams and the lowest acceptable grades in all reputable tertiary institutions in the country and beyond. 

What is the minimum mark you need to pass WASSCE?

A candidate must have acquired at least a grade of C6 and above to be considered for admission to any reputable tertiary institution. Note that this depends on the course you wish to pursue and the general standards of your chosen university. 

For admission into Medical School, for instance, you must not have below a grade of C4 in three of your electives and core subjects. 

What is the failing grade in WAEC?

With the current WAEC grading system, any mark below 39% is graded F9 and considered a Fail. However, given that most tertiary institutions only accept grades C6 and upper, ultimately, any grade from D7 and below are all failing grades. 

Is WASSCE easy to pass?

There are varied answers to this question. But based on the feedback collected from various candidates, it is clear that the majority find the WASSCE exams hard to pass. Some students have to rewrite some of their papers more than once to get decent grades.  

What is the WAEC Grading System in Ghana?

The system used by WAEC to grade WASSCE results in Ghana is the same one used for all the other West African countries where the exam is also taken. 

The grading system has been revised countless times over the years. Currently, the system used looks like this:

  • 75% – 100% : A1 (Excellent) 
  •  70% – 74% : B2 (Very Good) 
  •  65% – 69% : B3 (Good) 
  •  60% – 64% : C4 (Credit) 
  •  55% – 59% : C5 (Credit) 
  •  50% – 54% : C6 (Credit) 
  •  45% – 49% : D7 (Pass)
  •  40% – 44% : E8 (Pass)
  •  0% – 39% : F9 (Fail)


In conclusion, the minimum mark you need to be able to gain admission into any credible public university is 50%; this mark is graded C6.

Nevertheless, you must consider the cut-off points for the courses and university programs you apply for. Falling outside the cut-off point may lead to your application being accepted.

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