Understand BECE Exam Marks: Know Your Odds of Success

By | January 16, 2023

BECE stands for Basic Education Certificate Examination. It is an international exam written in West African Junior High Schools to assess the readiness of students for the next level of their educational journey. 

This article is focused on providing information about the general odds of a student passing their BECE exams with flying colors, as well as a number of other related topics. 

How hard is BECE?

Compared to WASSCE and other general and international certificate examinations, BECE is believed to be by far the easiest to pass.

Although some past students may have a different opinion, research proves that the number of students who pass the BECE exams keeps increasing each year. 

Like every other exam, BECE requires a lot of hard work. If you study hard, the odds of you succeeding are really great. 

What is the best grade in BECE?

The best grade to achieve in your BECE examination is grade “A.” This grade is awarded when a candidate scores from 80%-100% in a paper. 

A grade “A” carries 1 grade point and is credited as Excellent. 

What is the pass mark for BECE 2022?

As with most exams marking schemes, the pass mark in BECE is 50%. Any score between 50% – 59% is graded “E”, carries 8 grade points and is credited as a Pass. 

Candidates are encouraged to aim at obtaining marks far above the pass mark in order to achieve great results. Prestigious Senior High Schools are more interested in high raw scores and low aggregates. 25 is the least aggregate most SHS tend to accept. 

Why do students fail BECE?

There are varied reasons why some students are unable to pass their BECEs. Some of them include issues at home, financial troubles, emotional trauma, learning disabilities, and many more. 

But the most common reasons are inadequate preparation and lack of proper understanding of the exam questions or instructions. 

How is BECE marked?

BECE papers are marked by appointed professional and qualified examiners. These examiners award marks according to a WAEC approved marking scheme and not on their own volition (This is not to say that examiners may not award extra credits where it is due). 

The final BECE results are graded based on candidates’ performances in the external examinations as well as the Continuous (Internal) Assessment marks provided by their schools.


Every exam is usually difficult and BECE is no exception. However, studying hard and adequately preparing yourself for the exam is a guaranteed way of ensuring that your results come out successful. 

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