Addressing the Teacher Shortages in Ghana

By | January 19, 2023

Teaching is one of the professions in Ghana with the most employment opportunities. Nevertheless, it is still among the many sectors in the country that are facing immense human resource shortages in the country. Have you ever wondered why this is so? 

Read this article to the end to find out the main causes of these teacher shortages, what the government of Ghana is doing about the situation as well as a few other suggestions about what else can be done to remedy the situation. 

What are the main reasons for teacher shortage?

The main reasons for teacher shortage in Ghana are low wages and poor conditions of service. Compared to other degree holders in other fields and professions, trained teachers do a lot more work for less salaries. 

This realization is what has discouraged teachers and new aspirants from venturing into the field. 

How has COVID affected the teacher shortage?

The Covid-19 pandemic left an indelible mark on the economies of countries all over the world, including Ghana. 

The pandemic forced the total lockdown of all social institutions including schools. This led to many of these institutions laying off some of their teachers to be able to keep their heads above water. 

After the lockdown was lifted, some of these schools never got replacements as some of the laid off teachers chose to pursue different careers. 

Why is there a teacher shortage in Africa?

When you put Africa as a whole under the microscope, the major reason there are teacher shortages is the money factor. 

The salaries teachers are entitled to are significantly low compared to other professionals in different fields with the same educational qualifications as them. 

This is the reason most people prefer to focus their skills on other fields that promise to pay more. 

How is the teacher shortage being addressed?

In some parts of the world, the governments of countries facing the same problem have resorted to Apprenticeship programs to encourage more people to venture into teaching. 

Some US states are also recruiting qualified teachers from foreign countries to teach in their schools. 

How can we solve teacher shortages?

There are many approaches the government of Ghana can take to address this situation. However, the most effective method will be to tackle the issue from the roots. 

The best way to encourage more people to pursue careers in teaching is to offer them more attractive salaries and better work conditions. 


Teacher shortages have become a popular menace in not just Ghana but many other countries as well. The main reason people are reluctant to join the profession is the low salaries. In order to attract more people into the teaching field once more, governments must pay attention to their needs and offer them higher wages.

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