Trending: How to Sell One Ghana Cedi to Get More in Ghana

By | February 5, 2023

There is a growing trend of Ghanaians in the country currently about the sale of One Ghana Cedi notes in order to earn a higher amount in the Region of Wa.

The whole development started from social media where the internet space has been awashed by the interesting development.

What this means is that, you only need to exchange your little amount of money for higher or huge denominations if you are interested.

It is also said that before you can do the exchange, there must an evidence of square box at the front bottom corner of the one cedi note, beneath the Tetteh Quashie shadow on the note.

Several traders have also outlined other conditions to meet in order to purchase the one cedi note from you such as, the note should have a serial number beginning with either T, Q or S.

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