Roman Ridge School Fees In Ghana

By | February 9, 2023

Roman Ridge School is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Ghana.

Known for its exceptional academic standards and commitment to providing quality education, Roman Ridge School is the first choice for many parents looking for an all-round education for their children.

But what is the cost of attending this prestigious school?

The Cost of Education at Roman Ridge School

The cost of education at Roman Ridge School is competitive compared to other top schools in Ghana. The fees include tuition, boarding, and other miscellaneous expenses such as school uniforms and textbooks. The school fees for the various classes are reviewed annually by the management and are subject to change.

Breakdown of Roman Ridge School Fees

It is essential to understand the different components of the Roman Ridge School fees. Here is a breakdown of the various fees:

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees at Roman Ridge School are determined based on the grade level of the student. The fees vary from year to year and can be obtained from the school’s admission office.

Boarding Fees

Boarding fees at Roman Ridge School cover the cost of accommodation and meals for students who opt for boarding. The fees are paid annually and are subject to change.

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous fees include expenses such as school uniforms, textbooks, and other materials needed for the student’s education. These fees are also subject to change and can be obtained from the school’s admission office.

Payment Options for Roman Ridge School Fees

Roman Ridge School provides a range of payment options for parents to choose from. These include:

Bank Transfer

Parents can make payment for their child’s school fees via bank transfer to the school’s designated bank account.

Direct Debit

Parents can also opt for direct debit, where the school fees are automatically deducted from their bank account on a regular basis.

Cash Payment

Parents can also make payment for their child’s school fees in cash at the school’s admission office.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities

Roman Ridge School provides financial aid and scholarship opportunities for deserving students. These scholarships are based on academic merit and financial need and are awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional talent and potential.

Parents who are unable to afford the full cost of tuition and other fees are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

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