Manfred Schaefer Wife: Was Manfred Schaefer Married?

By | March 28, 2023

Manfred Schaefer was a famous association football defender.

At the club level, he won titles with St. George Budapest.

With the Australian national team, he participated in the 1974 World Cup in his native Germany.

As a coach, he was several times runner-up in the Australian National Soccer League with various clubs.

Manfred Schaefer was born on February 12, 1943, in Baltiysk, Russia ut passed away on March 28, 2023.

The cause of Manfred Schaefer’s death has not been confirmed or communicated. He was 80 years before he died.

Manfred Schaefer
Manfred Schaefer

Manfred Schaefer Wife: Was Manfred Schaefer Married?

Manfred Schaefer kept details and issues of his family away from the public.

As a result, there are no details about Manfred Schaefer’s wife.

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