William Kinney Parents, & Obituary of Nashville Shooting Victim

By | March 28, 2023

William Kinney has been identified as the 9-year-old kid who was killed in the Nashville Shooting incidence by 28-year old graphic designer Audrey Hale. Audrey Hale who by Police records has been identified as a former student who killed three children and three staff members were killed at the Covenant School. The Covenant School is a Nashville-based private Presbyterian school founded in 2001, with around 200 students ranging from pre-K through sixth grade.

Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9; Hallie Scruggs, 9; William Kinney, 9; Cynthia Peak, 61; Katherine Koonce, 60; and Mike Hill, 61 are the other victims named in the Nashville shooting incident, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

According to other internet stories, Audrey Hale graduated from Nashville’s Nossi College of Art & Design in 2022. According to a Facebook post from the school, Nashville shooter Audrey Hale had high academic standing and received an honor while a student there.

Who are Audrey Hale Parents

The Kinney family has not commented on the shooting incident. However, his family’s details are now unknown.

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