“In Ghana, you can go to the club and still get home safely at night unlike America” – Michael Blackson tells Americans

By | March 29, 2023

Award-winning Ghanaian actor and philanthropist, Michael Blackson, has categorically stated that there’s great security and peace in Ghana than in America

During a discussion on Drink Champs with Nore, Michael Blackson recounted the peace and warmth he enjoyed during his stay in Ghana last December and described the country as” totally out of the world”.

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During the same Podcatse session, he also talked about Meek Mill’s video shot inside the Jubilee House.

According to Michael Blackson, the American rapper overused an ‘overdosed’ on the warmth, freedom, peace, and safety in the country.

He said;

“He probably felt at home. He felt he was home and that he could probably do whatever he wanted.

Trust me, In Ghana, let me tell you something. You go out, you go to the club and come back home at night time.

In America, you might not make it home at night time. Ghana is peaceful, nothing happens to you. You go out and you make it home at night.

There is no violence, nobody gets killed. There’s no shoot-out. Nothing!”

“In Africa, our White Houses are a little bit more different. I think he shot a music video in the Jubilee House.

I wasn’t there but I think what happened was he went in there and took some pictures and videos and later on used them for a music video.

I don’t know how it happened but Ghana is a very strict country. There are certain things you’re not allowed to capture in their White House.”

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