Paul O’Grady Net Worth 2023

By | March 29, 2023

Paul O’Grady was born Paul James O’Grady.

Paul O’Grady was an English comedian, broadcaster, actor, writer and a former drag queen.

Paul O’Grady became famous in the London gay scene during the 1980s with his drag queen persona Lily Savage.

This article looks at Paul O’Grady Net Worth in 2023.

Paul O’Grady Biography

Paul O’Grady was born on June 14, 1955, in Birkenhead, United Kingdom. 

Paul O’Grady was born to Mary Savage and Patrick Grady. 

Paul grew up with two siblings. His siblings are Brendan O’Grady and Sheila O’Grady. 

Paul O’Grady was married twice during his lifetime. He was married to Teresa Fernandes from 1977 to 2005 when their marriage ended. After Teresa, he got married to Andre Portasio in 2017 and was with him till he died. His partner Andre is a former-professional ballerina. He used to perform with the English National Ballet. 

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Paul O’Grady has a daughter called Sharon O’Grady. Sharon was born on May 16, 1974, to  Paul O’Grady and Diane Jansen. Sharon is married  Philip Moseley, the couple have been married since 2005. She is a mother of one. Her child is called  Abel Moseley. 

Paul O’Grady Net Worth 2023

Paul O’Grady Net Worth 2023. Multiple reports peg his net worth at $8 million. He made his money from performances.

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