Sarkodie earns over GH¢ 10billion from Adonai video on YouTube

By | March 29, 2023

After about six years of releasing his super hit song Adonai, which featured the late Castro, Ghana’s biggest rapper, Sarkodie has reached over 91 million views on YouTube with his song. This is a significant milestone in the music industry, as not many artists have achieved such a feat.

With over 91 million views, Sarkodie’s Adonai has generated a total of $90,000 in revenue from YouTube alone. Converted into the Ghanaian cedi, this amounts to GHC1,089,000.00, which is over 10 billion Ghana cedis in the old currency.

Sarkodie earns over GH¢ 10billion from Adonai video on YouTube

This is a considerable sum of money for Sarkodie, who has been earning from the song since its views hit the thousands. However, it is worth noting that Sarkodie earns money not only from his music but also from his live shows, song features, and entrepreneurial jobs.

It remains unclear what type of contract Sarkodie had with Castro on the Adonai song. It is also uncertain whether Castro’s management has the right to demand a percentage share in all the money Sarkodie is making from the song.

Nonetheless, this achievement is a testament to Sarkodie’s talent and hard work as a musician. It also highlights the potential of Ghana’s music industry to thrive in the digital age.

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