Has the MPS officer been arrested in connection with the death of musician Chris Kaba?

By | March 30, 2023

The spotlight is once again on the Chris Kaba murder case, as there is a possibility that the MPS officer involved in the shooting of Chris in 2022 may be charged with a crime. Read on to discover additional information.

Chris Kaba, who was known in the UK music industry as Madix or Mad Itch 67, was a talented rapper and a member of the drill group 67. Alongside his career in entertainment, he was also a professional coach. His work was well-received, and he was even nominated for a MOBO award. Online sources estimate his net worth to be around three million dollars.

Unfortunately, Kaba’s life came to a tragic end on September 5, 2022, when he was shot and killed by a police officer. His death sparked protests in Brixton, with many people demanding justice for Kaba. As a result, the case has garnered renewed attention in the media. To learn more about this late rapper, keep reading.

Updates on MPS Officer, has he been arrested for Chris Kaba’s murder?

On the night of September 5, 2022, rapper Chris Kaba was shot during a police chase on Streatham Hill. He was rushed to the hospital but passed away shortly after midnight on September 6 due to a headshot wound. Kaba was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

Recently, the Independent Office for Police Conduct handed over a file of evidence to prosecutors to determine whether a Metropolitan Police officer should face charges in connection with the shooting. The IOPC had informed the officer in question that they were under criminal investigation for murder and had suspended them. However, it is still unclear whether the officer will ultimately be charged.

The investigation into the case is ongoing, and more information will be released in due course. Kaba’s family is somewhat relieved that progress is being made, and they have urged the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute the officer.

A police officer shot and killed Chris Kaba.

Chris Kaba was driving his black Audi on September 5, 2022 when police officers attempted to stop him on the residential street Kirkstall Gardens. The officers had attempted to make tactical contact in connection with a firearms incident, as the Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera had identified his car. The chase involved five police cars with specialist firearms officers and a Met helicopter. After the shooting, Kaba was taken to the hospital but did not survive. The forensic examination and searches were conducted on Kaba’s car after the incident.

Chris Kaba was shot to death by a police officer in 2022. (Source:Geniuscelebs.com)

Karima Waite was engaged to Chris Kaba.

Chris Kaba, who was engaged to Karima Waite, daughter of Kim Alleyne, was a family man and was expecting his first child. After his death, Kaba’s family was devastated, and they spoke to the media about seeking justice. Jefferson Bosela, Kaba’s cousin, spoke about him as a kind and loving person.

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