Piercing my ear is my greatest regret in life – Osebo The Zaraman reveals

By | March 31, 2023

Richard Brown commonly known as Osebo Zaraman has gotten candid about his biggest regret in life.

The Boutique owner and popular fashionista recently sat down for an interview with Felicia Osei on Onua 95.1 FM that touched on varying issues in his life.

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Osebo in a response to a question posed by the host said he had only one regret in his life; piercing his ear.

“I have only one regret. There’s a proverb that says everyone has been a child but not everyone has been an adult…My biggest regret as a young man was piercing my ear,” he revealed

According to the serial entrepreneur, he pierced his ear in 1995 while in Europe to connect with his audience and match up to the raving club lifestyle.

“I was a DJ so when I got to Europe, I loved the eccentric club rave and it influenced me to get an ear piercing,” he said

However, he had a change of heart in 1999 when a taxi driver advised him to take it off to avoid being stereotyped despite his generous and kind heart.

“If I ever get the chance, I’ll close the hole but its not possible,” he said regrettably.

Osebo admitted that he is constantly happy and even his failed relationships with the three different women he has five kids with could not make him sad or live in regret.

“I don’t have anything that makes me sad or causes me to live in regret. I am just a happy soul,” he said

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