“Stealing the state and bashing the Ghanaian youth for being lazy is a huge irony”- Bongo Ideas tackles Mcdan

By | March 31, 2023

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has disconnected Electrochem Ghana Limited from the national grid due to the company’s failure to pay its bills amounting to over 300,000 cedis. Electrochem Ghana Limited is owned by business mogul Dr. Daniel McKorley, popularly known as McDan.

According to the External Communications Manager of ECG, Laila Abubakari, the metres installed in the company’s premises have been tampered with. ECG meter readers have been denied access to the meter installed in their premises, which has made it difficult for the electricity company to accurately read the company’s usage and bill them accordingly.

"Stealing the state and bashing the Ghanaian youth for being lazy is a huge irony"- Bongo Ideas tackles Mcdan

This move by ECG has caused a stir on social media, with Ghanaian Twitter influencer and critic, Bongo Ideas, reacting to the news. Bongo Ideas questioned the irony of McDan bashing Ghanaian youth for being lazy while his company was stealing from the state.

McDan’s recent comments about Ghanaian youth sleeping too much and being lazy have not gone down well with many Ghanaians, especially in the wake of the disconnection of his company from the national grid. Some have accused him of being hypocritical and lacking in integrity, given his failure to pay his bills and the alleged tampering of meters at his company’s premises.

The disconnection of Electrochem Ghana Limited from the national grid is a clear signal from ECG that it will not tolerate any form of electricity theft or non-payment of bills from its customers. The move is also in line with the government’s efforts to improve revenue collection and promote transparency and accountability in the power sector.

It is expected that McDan and his company will settle their bills and comply with ECG’s regulations to ensure that their electricity supply is restored. Failure to do so may result in legal action being taken against the company.

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