The Enigma Of Bible John Victims: Scotland’s Unsolved Tragedy

By | March 31, 2023

Who were Bible John’s victims caught readers’ attention, and they were curious to discover more about him, so here are all details from the historical criminal Bible’s life.

John’s has been plagued by the unsolved murders of three innocent women since the late 1960s. 

The culprit, known as Bible John, is believed to have met his victims at the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow. 

He was given his moniker due to his habit of quoting extensively from the Old Testament and expressing disapproval of adultery.

Despite years of investigation, the identity of Bible John has never been discovered, and the cases remain unsolved. 

The Glasgow police have tirelessly searched for clues and investigated potential suspects, including convicted serial killer and rapist Peter Tobin, but to no avail.

The victim of Bible Johns

The three victims of Bible John were Patricia Docker, Jemima McDonald, and Helen Puttock. 

Patricia Docker was a 25-year-old nurse who was found dead just yards away from her home in Langside Place in February 1968. 

She had been r*ped, strangled, and robbed of her handbag. Her murder was the first in a series of linked killings.

Jemima McDonald, a 32-year-old mother of three, was the second victim of Bible John. She was found in an old tenement building on Mackeith Street in Bridgton in August 1969.

After enjoying a night out with her sister, her sister realized she had not returned home, and her body was discovered shortly afterward.

Helen Puttock was the third victim of Bible John, found dead in her own garden in October 1969. 

She was 29 years old and had been visiting the Barrowlands Ballroom with her sister Jean prior to her death.

Despite the efforts of law enforcement, the cases of Bible John’s victims remain unsolved. 

The lack of information and potential leads has made it difficult for investigators to make progress in the case. 

The brutal and gruesome murders of these innocent women have haunted Scotland for decades, and their families continue to search for answers and justice.

Where is Bible John now?

For decades, law enforcement has been tirelessly searching for any clues that could lead to identifying the person responsible for the gruesome murders linked to Bible John.

Despite collecting 50,000 statements and considering 5,000 suspects, no substantial leads have emerged.

The nickname “Bible John” was given to the perpetrator due to his habit of quoting from the Old Testament and his apparent disapproval of adultery.

Helen and Jean met two men during their trip to the Barrowlands, both named John. Castlemilk John left them to catch a bus, while the other, Bible John, stayed with them and took a taxi. 

He reportedly told the sisters, “I don’t drink at Hogmanay. I pray,” which gave rise to his ominous nickname. The police created a picture of Bible John based on Jean’s description of him in the taxi.

However, none of the evidence that has been brought forward since the murders has been sufficient to identify Bible John, and all leads conclusively have led to dead ends.

In 1996, the police exhumed the body of John Irvine McInnes to compare his DNA to semen samples found on Helen’s stockings. 

However, the results were inconclusive, and McInnes was cleared of any involvement in the case.

As time goes on, the likelihood of solving the case becomes slimmer, as most eyewitnesses have passed away, and any DNA evidence has degraded or become non-existent. 

Despite the efforts of the police, the cases of Bible John’s victims remain a haunting mystery that continues to baffle investigators and captivate the public.

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