Attempted Murder & Failed Marriage

By | April 2, 2023

Gregory Mulvihill, born on September 30, 1970, was raised in Oregon before moving to California in 2000 to pursue a computer programming career.

He enjoyed success in his work and eventually settled down with Diana Lovejoy, whom he met on a dating site. However, their relationship turned sour, culminating in a shocking murder attempt.

Early Life and Marriage

Greg Mulvihill met Diana Lovejoy through a dating site in 2004, and they bonded over shared interests in technology and fitness.

After two years of dating, the couple got married in August 2007 and bought a home in Carlsbad, California.

They soon decided to try for a baby, but after multiple miscarriages, their relationship became increasingly strained.

In September 2012, they welcomed a healthy baby boy, but by July 2014, Greg had filed for divorce.

The shooting incident

On September 1, 2016, Greg was lured to a dirt path to receive documents that could affect his ongoing custody battle with Diana.

Accompanied by his friend Jason Kovach, Gregory Mulvihill arrived at the location only to be met by a sniper.

As they fled, Greg was shot in the chest but fortunately survived the attack.

Suspects and Investigation

An investigation led police to Diana Lovejoy and her shooting instructor, Weldon McDavid Jr. The two were arrested, and evidence linking them to the crime was uncovered.

This included the rifle used in the attack and the phone used to call Gregory Mulvihill.

Trial and verdict

Diana Lovejoy and Weldon McDavid Jr. were found guilty of attempted murder and conspiracy to murder on November 13, 2017.

Diana received a sentence of 26 years to life in prison, while Weldon received 50 years to life, as well as being ordered to pay Greg $500,000 in damages.


Greg Mulvihill has since remained out of the spotlight and lives in Carlsbad, California, with sole custody of his and Diana’s son. Greg’s injuries from the shooting were limited to a single gunshot that narrowly missed his heart, allowing him to recover fully.


Gregory Mulvihill story is a cautionary tale of how relationships can turn dark and twisted. The events leading to the attempted murder serve as a chilling reminder of the lengths some people will go to settle personal disputes.

Greg Mulvihill’s Current Life and Sustained Injuries

  1. Greg Mulvihill’s Life after the Trial After the dramatic events and the trial, Greg Mulvihill has chosen to live a private life away from the public eye. It is believed that he lives in Carlsbad, California. Following the conviction of his ex-wife, Diana Lovejoy, Greg has gained sole custody of their son and is now focused on raising him.
  2. The Nature of Greg Mulvihill’s Injuries On the night of the shooting, Greg Mulvihill escaped with his life. He sustained a single gunshot wound during the incident. The bullet entered through his armpit and exited his back, narrowly missing his heart. Had he not turned to run at the precise moment he did, the outcome could have been fatal.

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