“Be scared of those saying, he married peace of mind’, ‘Marriage isn’t about beauty”- Ghanaian businessman Akesse Sanza reacts to Harold Amenyah’s marriage controversy

By | April 2, 2023

Ghanaian Twitter influencer and critic, Bongo Ideas, has sparked controversy on social media following his comments about the marriage of Ghanaian actor Harold Amenyah. Bongo Ideas, who is known for his outspoken nature, had taken to Twitter to express his disappointment over the actor’s choice of spouse.

“I expected the handsome Harold Amenyah to have better taste than this. Maybe she’s rich because, even with the makeup, her looks do not match up with his in the least. Offside. Maybe this is another classic case of ‘love is blind’ because, in terms of aesthetics, he made a poor choice. His crushes must be disappointed right now,” Bongo Ideas had tweeted.

The tweet quickly gained traction on social media, with many Ghanaians calling out Bongo Ideas for his insensitive comments. However, some people, like Ghanaian businessman and blogger, Akesse Sanza, took a different approach to the situation.

In a Facebook post, Sanza wrote, “The groups of people you have to be scared of are those commenting: ‘He married peace of mind’, ‘Marriage isn’t about beauty’. Are these people also not saying the same thing? The above comments expose their real thoughts. I took time to visit the profiles of all those who said she’s not beautiful, and I understood their definition of beauty. They all have long eyelashes like the wings of an aircraft enough to withstand any turbulence.”

"Be scared of those saying, he married peace of mind', 'Marriage isn't about beauty"- Ghanaian businessman Akesse Sanza reacts to Harold Amenyah's marriage controversy

Sanza’s post sparked a fresh debate on social media, with many Ghanaians weighing in on the matter. Some people agreed with Sanza, saying that those who claim that beauty does not matter in marriage are being disingenuous. Others, however, argued that personality and character are more important than physical beauty when it comes to marriage.

Regardless of the debate, the comments by Bongo Ideas and Akesse Sanza have highlighted the need for Ghanaians to be more mindful of the words they use on social media. As the saying goes, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

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