“Your raps contained easy-to-guess lines”- Bongo Ideas says he Can’t remember the last time Sarkodie did agreat rap track that contained all themodern elements

By | April 2, 2023

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has found himself at the center of a social media storm following a tweet he made on the 2nd of April. The tweet, which read “I love rap,” was seemingly innocent enough, but it was not long before a Ghanaian Twitter influencer and critic named Bongo Ideas took to the platform to criticize Sarkodie’s recent work.

Bongo Ideas, who is known for his candid views on music, claimed that Sarkodie has not produced a great rap track with all the modern elements in quite some time. He went on to say that Sarkodie’s flow may be good, but his rap lines are subpar. According to Bongo Ideas, Sarkodie’s lines contain easy-to-guess phrases, plagiarized inferences, odd metaphors, and unoriginal punchlines. He concluded his criticism by saying that the rapper is struggling to keep up.

Can’t remember the last time you did a
great rap track that contained all the
modern elements. The flow aside, you
rap lines really suuck. They contained
easy-to-guess lines, plagiarised
inferences, odd metaphors, and
unoriginal punchlines. You’re str*ggling
to keep up, seriously.

Bongo’s comments did not go unnoticed, and they sparked reactions from Sarkodie’s fans and other music lovers on Twitter. Some people agreed with Bongo, stating that Sarkodie’s recent tracks have not been up to par, while others defended the rapper, saying that he is still one of the best rappers in Ghana.

"Your raps contained easy-to-guess lines"- Bongo Ideas says he Can't remember the last time Sarkodie did a<br>great rap track that contained all the<br>modern elements

In response to the criticism, Sarkodie has yet to make a statement. However, he has continued to promote his music and interact with his fans on social media.

It is no secret that Sarkodie is one of Ghana’s most popular rappers, with a career spanning over a decade. He has won numerous awards and collaborated with several international artists, including Ice Prince, Ace Hood, and Rick Ross. His most recent album, “Jamz,” was released in 2022 to critical acclaim.

Only time will tell if Sarkodie takes Bongo Ideas’ criticism to heart and changes his style or if he continues to produce the music he loves. In the meantime, his fans will undoubtedly continue to support him, regardless of the criticism he receives.

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